East Pea Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church



Service Times:
Sabbath School: Saturday 9:30 am
Worship Service: Saturday 10:45 am

Potluck Fellowship: EVERY Saturday 12:00pm
Prayer Meeting: Tuesday 6:00 pm

Small Groups: TBA

My dear friend,

My name is Bill Hunt and my beautiful Brazilian wife is Audrey Hunt.  We were recently assigned the full time pastor position of the Huntington East Pea Ridge Seventh day Adventist Church and want to make the most of this opportunity by getting to know our members and friends of this area--hence, the reason for this letter.
We’ve had the privilege to pastor in Texas and California before coming to West Virginia for a cumulative time of 15 years.  In that time, we have traveled abroad as short term missionaries and as students of archaeology in Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, France, Fiji, Jamaica, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Greece and Zambia.  I’ve even camped in a tent for 6 weeks on the plains of NE Wyoming while digging for dinosaurs and discovering the most logical reason for their demise according to our data—the FLOOD! 
Yes, we have been born again.  Yes, I have a Master’s in Divinity and yes I have been ordained.   Most importantly, I have literally received a call to know the Lord in 1996 just prior to attending Net ’96 which led me to Adventism as well as these many precious truths we hold so dear. 

Actually, I want to share these precious "Present Truths" when teaching prophecy seminars, preaching from the pulpit or teaching others from Scripture.  I will make it a principle that whatever I share will come from the Bible and will do honor to those who have defended their beliefs solely on the merits of the Bible.  "Sola Scriptura" which was the watchword for the Reformers of the Protestant Reformation will continue to be our watchword today.  As pastor and wife team of East Pea Ridge, we will strive to be known as people who follow what the Bible says.  Our members and guests can rest assured that they will hear Biblical, Christ centered sermons which call us to duty and music that will uplift the soul.  We will do our best to be the friendly, inviting, people that East Pea Ridge looks for in their community leadership. 

Once the community gets to know us, they too will see that being a Bible believing Christian is not a dull experience.  As a matter of fact, I am an avid motorcyclist (maniac) and would estimate I have over 150,000 miles on motorcycles crisscrossing most of the US.  Oh, and I just bought a screaming KTM 300 2-stroke dirtbike to go ride the Hatfield McCoy trails with other fun (a bit crazy?) people too.  Come to think of it, since becoming a Christian, I've also skydived docking with my Dad at 7,000', rafted class 5 river waters, navigated the Amazon river with who knows what kind of scary creatures, zip lined upside down through the jungle canopy of Costa Rica, climbed "Mt Sinai", walked with lions in Africa, eaten a bedouin meal with armed (AK's) gunmen, shot some really cool guns, survived malaria & I'm a helicopter pilot.  So no, following Jesus is not dull.  It is actually quite the opposite.  Following Jesus is a radical life experience or at least it has been for me.  

My wife on the other hand, is a racquetball fanatic. She prefers the challenge of beating others at a really fast sport that leaves many bruises from ball impacts and racquet swings rather than the risks of helicopters and motorcycles even though she has her motorcycle endorsement and has owned her own bike.
When I chose to follow Jesus and join His church, I saw a need where no one was ministering.  So, I started a post-modern, post-secular motorcycle ministry called 3 Angels Messengers Motorcycle Association (3amma.com; 3amma.org). This ministry is not limited to bikers but does approach evangelism with a bit of a bite.  Bikers can be a tough crowd, so we follow the Lord’s example to meet them where they are as best we can without compromising our integrity.  This is definitely not a typical ministry and is not for everyone to engage.  But through this ministry we also reach people on a global scale with our video production studio.  We plan to continue to press forward with this ongoing evangelistic initiative while serving the Lord Jesus Christ in this area.
We do not have any children yet.  I suspect though if the Lord wants this to happen, it will be soon because I need a little munchkin remote to grab me the T.V. remote when I’m already comfortably on the couch and I forget to grab the T.V. remote by the T.V.  LOL  Just kidding.  I don’t watch much TV so I will probably just have the kids cleaning the house and the cars like Cinderella most of the time and massaging my feet! JK :)
Enough about us though…Now we would like to get to know each of you.  Would you do us a favor and help us schedule a meeting with yourself?  We will keep it short but would like to get more acquainted with you.  Feel free to call me to set the date so we can meet even if we have to meet via video chat on Skype (Broman3am) or Google+ (broman3am@gmail.com).  We want to get to know our members and friends of this area. 
On top of this, no matter where you live whether near the churches or many time zones away from us, we want to THANK YOU for your faithful support both financially in your tithes and offerings to our church and your prayer support for the ministry of this area.  Because of your support, we will be able to minister more effectively. 
We want to see God do big things with this area.  We are happy to be a part of it and are looking forward to getting to know each of you personally. 

May the Lord bless you and make His face shine upon you is our prayer. 

Bill & Audrey Hunt
Pastor East Pea Ridge/Point Pleasant District
3AM Founder/Speaker